If members of your workforce require health and safety training then you may be weighing up the various benefits and drawbacks to having the course conducted on your site location vs sending employees to an external plant. At HLS Training, we believe that in-house training can be hugely beneficial to the productivity of your team at every level.

Here’s how.

What is in-house training?

In-house training allows a group of employees to attend health and safety training courses on your site location. This can be particularly effective if you’re a larger organisation or have specialist equipment to cater for.

The Benefits of in House Health and Safety Training

Benefits of in-house health and safety training:

Cost effective

In-house training can be cost-effective for businesses, especially if you have multiple employees who need to attend the same course. The cost per employee decreases when they are trained in a group rather than individually.

Greater relevance to your business

Training employees on your own site allows the course to be more focused on your business’s needs, environment and daily structure. You’ll be able to use your own equipment, which improves the efficiency of your employees.

HLS Training can tailor courses to fulfil the outcomes you want for your workforce and your business.

Reduces travel costs

Booking training in house means you won’t need to send your employees to an external location. You won’t need to waste valuable money on travel costs to get them to their training.


Choosing to have your training conducted on your site is highly convenient and can reduce hassle from your organisation. It prevents your team from needing to travel for training that could easily be conducted on your location.

It can also be scheduled around your employees’ usual working hours and at a location they attend every day.

Team building

When training is conducted in-house, it gives you the opportunity to foster teamwork and perform tasks cohesively across departments. It can also give a greater understanding of each other’s roles, and garner heightened respect as well as bringing about teamwork, communication and interaction at every level of the business.

In-house health and safety training can spark a discussion within your workforce, and allow your team to work together to establish solutions to real problems, which makes you more effective at cooperating in an emergency.

Inclusive training

One of the lesser considered aspects of in-house training that can make it more suitable for your business is that it considers members of your staff who may require additional support.

For example, if you have employees who have a disability or mental difference that causes them to struggle with travelling to new places, then it is more considerate to conduct training in a familiar environment.

You may be able to consider e-learning courses in these situations which can be taken on-site.

At HLS Training, we offer a wide variety of in-house training opportunities including NPORS, CPCS Assessments and practical E-Learning modules that train your workforce to a nationally recognised standard.

Our accredited trainers are ex-labourers who have worked on site and carried out our training in practice. We know our stuff, so feel free to get in touch and we’ll answer any questions you have about our in-house training opportunities.

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