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About Us

Excellence, Innovation and Commitment


"REspect the Unexpected, think through your risks."

About Us

Working closely with our clients, customers, employees and tutors to ensure we deliver effective training, consultancy and more importantly value for money.

Our Mission is to inform and inspire people through the delivery of unparalleled, accredited Health safety training and innovative consultancy.

Health and Safety Training Courses

In February 2009, we founded HLS with a firm belief that HLS could deliver superior Health and Safety courses to the construction industry. Over the last ten years, we have expanded our Training Portfolio to include Plant, Warehouse and NVQs. We have introduced consultancy services and managed training solutions endeavouring to provide the most qualified professional services to our clients.

HLS now has 15 dedicated training locations throughout the UK, including London, Southampton, Derby, Edinburgh, Leeds, Leyland, Newcastle, Doncaster, Glasgow.

HLS partners with other dedicated providers for quality service and a reputation that we are proud of.

The reason that we carry out so much repeat business for our clients is largely down to the values that we cultivate in our delivery locations. We pride ourselves in our commitment to understanding and achieving our clients’ needs. We understand that each training session is attended by a varied collection of individuals and we make it an important part of the process to understand their goals and forge lasting positive relationships. We know that in the markets in which we operate, change and time management is fundamental and our dynamic and responsive attitude to accommodating challenges is something we value highly in our business.

Internally we have a continually evolving training programme that not only provides the training needed for the workplace but also the personal skills that are so important in engaging with important clients/delegates who set such high standards for us to achieve. It is crucial for us to build strong relationships with our clients but also to provide a team of well-rounded staff, instructors and consultants as these are the people who represent the HLS ethos.

We have a responsibility to be articulate, honest and transparent with our clients and the only way we know how to deliver those values is by fostering those ideals ourselves. We believe that we can only provide market-leading standards by measuring ourselves against those standards continually. Our KPI’s prove that we deliver repeatedly and the length of our service to our clients is testament to those standards and something we are incredibly proud of.