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Health and Safety Training Courses in Leyland

Health and safety training courses in Leyland offered at your convenience

Upskill your workforce to create a risk-free future

HLS Training safeguard your workforce through first class health and safety training courses in Leyland. Our multi-accredited consultancy and training provider delivers unparalleled service across a wide range of industries to educate every level of your business in standard safety practices as well as encourage proactive internal response and development.

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Leyland Branch Health and Safety Courses & Training

Our broad range of Health and Safety Courses and Training are designed to help your organisation walk into a safe, productive future with the best interests of your workforce at heart. Our courses are designed to be practical and engaging to bring the very best out of your employees, regardless of status within your internal structure. From CITB training for company Directors to bespoke e-learning classes, we provide a convenient method of refreshing your safety practices and procedures in the workplace.

CITB / CITB Test Leyland

An unsafe working environment creates an unproductive workforce and increases the likelihood of serious accidents on your construction site. Educating your employees from top to bottom is a necessary step towards creating a workplace that is free from harm.

With CITB Tests, your employees will learn how to respond to high and low-risk situations with competence, composure and inclusion as well as prevent the need for response. CITB sets the standard across the board for health and safety training within the construction industry from awareness to refreshment of knowledge.

Find the CITB Courses we offer in Leyland below:

IOSH Leyland

Managers and workers must collaborate and hold equal responsibility for safety within the workplace to create a functional working environment that responds appropriately and swiftly to both minor and major risk factors. IOSH Courses offer tutor-led training to Managers, Supervisors and team leaders that covers the review, introduction and improvisation of organisational safety in your workplace.

With face-to-face training programmes, you can ensure competency and thorough understanding of the subject matter in both Managing Safely and Working Safely courses. This allows you to have confidence in your workforce spanning varying basic elements of health and safety conduct.

Our IOSH courses:

IOSH Managing Safely Course

IOSH Working Safely Course

NVQ Leyland

In order to ensure the swift induction of new recruits into your workforce, you’ll require innovative, informed and cleanly delivered health and safety training. At HLS Training, we understand that this can be difficult to achieve within an appropriate amount of time for your needs.

With NVQ Courses in Leyland, you can train individuals to a nationally recognised standard without the need for costly examinations without compromising on the quality of knowledge attained. Our range of NVQ courses cover major areas of plant operations including Steel Erecting, Fire Protection, Trade and Occupational Health and Safety.

For access to NVQ training and qualifications in Leyland, book your course today.

Our NVQ courses:

NPORS Leyland

It is commonplace for construction site workers to gain more insight from on-site courses that allow them to practically apply their skills within their day-to-day working environment. NPORS allows you the flexibility to have training conducted on your site location using your machinery without expending travel costs.

As an Accredited Training Provider, we offer NPORS on-site assessments in Leyland for organisations seeking a traditional NPORS card.

CPCS Leyland

CPCS cards are not a legal requirement but provide proof of workforce competency within their allocated skillset. The Construction Plant Competence Scheme (CPCS) centres on the principles of independent assessment of operating ability, competence assurance and rise of standards within the plant sector.

HLS Training are qualified to carry out CPCS Practical and Theory Test training for both CPCS Red Trained Operator Cards and Blue CPCS Competent Operator Card upgrades in Leyland to provide surety to your organisation.

ALLMI Leyland

ALLMI is the UK’s only Trade Association devoted solely to the lorry loader industry. We are committed to continuing their high standards of training to ensure each member of your team is observing safe practices in the most efficient manner.

We provide training in Leyland for Lorry Loader and Slinger Signaller to achieve Certification of Achievement and Identity Card for Operators and Instructors following the successful completion of their practical and theory assessments.

CSCS Cards / CSCS Test Leyland

CSCS Cards prove that all workers on your construction site are trained to the appropriate level for their role on-site. HLS Training covers all skill qualifications required to achieve the following CSCS Cards:

  • CSCS Labourer (Green Card)
  • CSCS Skilled Worker (Blue Card)
  • CSCS Site Supervision (Gold Card)
  • CSCS Management (Black Card)


E-Learning courses provide your workforce with the skills and knowledge they require online without compromising on quality or level of competency upon completion. HLS delivers practical-based training that covers the basics of working safely to provide a convenient method of in-house training without incurring costly travel fees.

Our accredited training providers are committed to generating effective, life-long skills within the construction industry. Whether you’re looking for Manual Handling courses or hazardous substance training with COSHH, we ensure your workers are fully equipped with the knowledge they need to protect themselves and others in their place of work.