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Ladder Safety & Working at Height – 1/2-day course.

Ladder Safety & Working at Height – 1/2-day course.

This Ladder Safety training course raises awareness of the dangers associated with ladders and the practical steps that can be taken to minimise and control the risks that ladders present.

The course covers different types of ladders, ladder strengths, common causes of accidents, applicable legislation, using a ladder safely, pre-use ladder checks, safe handling of ladders, setting up a ladder, behaviour on a ladder, ladder inspection, the storage and maintenance of ladders.

Aimed at employees who are required to work from portable ladders (single, double & triple sections) but because of the nature of their work cannot maintain three points of contact using the standard “two feet and one hand” application.

All candidates will be instructed in the correct method used to secure a leaning ladder via an eyebolt installation which will then permit the correct type of fall protection equipment to be worn and ensure that operatives can then conform to the Work at Height Regulation 2005, being able to maintain 3 points of contact.

Introducing fall protection equipment, including the correct fitment of a safety harness in conjunction with a short restraint lanyard enabling the user to maintain 3 points of contact and fall restraint.

Including the introduction of a kernmantle rope and rope grab system which also establishes 3 points of contact and fall restraint.

The course is concluded by a short test followed by a practical skills assessment for each candidate, when successfully completed candidates will then be considered to be a “competent person” as specified by the Health & Safety Executive.